Sales Enquiry / Lead Management

Free Sales Enquiry / Lead management...

Automate Follow-Up

Manage Sales Enquiries

Manage Customers, and sales enquiries received from customers. Assign sales resource to the customer enquiries. A complete sales cycle process can be captured and tracked. Faster response to Customer with no errors is thus ensured. Sales Order Closure visibility and Sales order creation along with Scope of work make Sales Managers life Easy !

Automate Follow-Ups

Responding quickly to the prospective customers dramatically increases the chance of winning the deal. With C-Venture you can schedule follow-up actions such as phone calls, visit and mail interaction along with the date and time so that you do not miss important follow-ups. Once the follow-up is done the interaction with the prospects can also be recorded. Remain updated with follow-ups done by Mail, phone call, or visit, and done by any person involved in the sales enquiry.

Send Sales Proposals / Quotes

Standardize your Quotation formats. Send quotes and revise them as and when required. Stay updated with all quotes sent for that particular enquiry. Define Default terms and conditions. Provide scope of work and revise as needed. Customize header and footer Content. Send quotes directly by mail just on a single click from within the module. Add Additional CC while sending mail. Customize Mail body while sending quotes. Send Quotes in multiple currencies ..... And many more features.....

Create Sales Order

Sales Order Helps you to internally communicate about orders which have been won and the scope of work involved including financials involved. This provides the respective Manager insight about overall closures, target visibility and overall performance of the team. It also acts as input information for the Purchase department and the accounts departments for further processing.

Sales Enquiry

Sales executives can manage all their Enquiries and leads. They can manage customers contact informations etc. Sales Co-ordinators can view and respond to all enquries.

Proforma Invoice

A pro-forma invoice is a preliminary bill of sale sent to buyers in advance of a shipment or delivery of goods.

Sales Invoice

Create Invoice as per the sales order or you can also copy sales order directly to generate invoice. Detailed terms and conditions. Automatic tax calculations.


Sales executives can update their follow-ups (Visit, Phone, Mail) and keep the team informed about follow-up. Automated daily report generated per sales executive as per follow-up data.

Sales Order

Create Sales order and keep the team informed about the won sales enquiry. This can also be used to keep the backend team informed about scope of work and invoice details.


Standardize your quote formats. Send quotes to customers directly by mail. Auto Item master and price reference per customer, so you remain updated on the last quoted price.

Purchase Management

Create Purchase requisition and assign vendors to get the price from. Vendors can online fill up the requested pricing. Generate Purchase order and send to vendors.

Payment Tracking

Track Payments recieved from customer and payable to vendors. Get outstanding report so payments can be followed up.

Targets & Achievement

Assign Monthly targets to sales executive and track howmuch has been achieved by him. You can also assign complete company targets and track the total achievement.

Customer Support Management

Customer portal for customer to report issues. Track and close customer issues. Assign support executive to the issue reported.

Manage Support Contract

Support Contracts form the backbone of the Services team. Customer Support Contracts, its scope assets details are entirely captured.

Customer Information Library

Diverse environments and inventories make it complex to provide Service. You can maintain all the relevant architectures, processes, Configurations, Scripts or any information that will be useful for the Support team to carry out their obligations.

Facility Management System

Facility Management plays a very vital role for every customer. All the activities to be catered by the FMS team including management of SLA’s.

Email Integration

Mailer integration enables C-Venture to Convert Email to enquiry or support ticket. You need to assign mailbox to Enquiry management and Support management system.

Project & Task

In project management, a task is an activity that needs to be accomplished within a defined period of time or by a deadline to work towards work-related goals.

Mass Mailing

Mass mailing is the concept that is widely using in the market for promote your business.




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