Introduction to C-Venture

C-Venture (A Complete Venture ) An application made to cater needs of all processes in a venture. C-Venture application is made in small modules as per processes and is customizable on demand.

The Application is made in dual frontend,
1. Windows Application made in WPF. Windows application allows faster backend operations with proper dashboard showing status of each enquiry and sales orders.
2. Web application made in and WCF. Web application allows access to the application from around the world.

Current modules are

1. Enquiry Management System (EQMS): It caters to complete sales process starting from Sales Enquiry, Quotes, Revised quotes, Follow-ups, won lost statistics, Daily reports of sales executives, Sales order generation, etc.

2. Sales Invoicing:Supports Multi-Curency invoicing, Convert sales order to invoice, Invoice numbers as per financial year and type of invoice, Track invoicing as per sales order and enquiry.

3. Payment Tracking (Free: - Available On Demand):Track payments receivable and payable.

4.Mass Mailer:Let Sales executives and Sales coordinators send mass mails to customers about product info and offers.

5.Purchase Management (Free :- Available On Demand):Manage your purchase process, get price from vendors , Manage vendors, Compare Prices, Send Purchase orders to vendors etc.

6. Support Management System (Free :- Available on Demand):Manage Customer Support, Support tickets, Manage your field Staff and assign work to them, Manage Repair register, Manage Projects ,etc.

Fig.: Customer Configuration

When a Customer has been created, you have the ability to define whether the Customer is at a Single location or is Multi-locational. A Customer can be defined as Multi-locational Customer by selecting Parent Mode for the Head Office and the Branches will have to be created and then converted to Child Nodes by clicking the “Convert to Child” button at the bottom of the page.


Pre-installation requirements


1 GHz

Hard Drive Space

20 GB


2 GB minimum

Operating System

Windows 2003 Server and below (English Only)

.NET framework

4.0 and 4.5


SQL Server 2008 Express edition and below


6.0 and below

Microsoft Report Viewer redistributable

2008 or below



Other requirements

1. LDAP Server (optional) For Active Directory authentication (Incase employee wants to use same AD login)
2. SMTP Server :- For Sending mails to customers and vendors.